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Thanks to the new CSRD guidelines from Europe, companies must report on their impact on nature and people. RoundThink supports its clients with a rapid transition to sustainability through skilled financial and circular strategists, change management and sustainable software systems. RoundThink solves complex CSRD issues for you.

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The specialists in CSRD

RoundThink is your go to CSRD partner. Thanks to our holistic approach, we provide a complete CSRD report and develop your circular strategy.

We solve complex CSRD issues for you.

Don’t miss out. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Make sure you have all CSRD issues in order.

RoundThink is the only party in the Netherlands that is skilled in both solving CSRD related issues as well as  developing an associated circular strategy. We are ready to assist you.

Everyone circulair

The CSRD era has begun. All companies are expected to have a circular strategy in the near future. RoundThink provides skilled circular consultants on location who can help you with your circular strategy. Thanks to our digital platform, your organization will be well informed and excited to contribute to a circular economy. We ensure that people understand social expectations to the very core. This way RoundThink guarantees a complete approach and your organization will soon be ready for the future.

CSRD software

With the RoundThink software solutions and add-ons, we automate the business processes for creating your CSRD report. We believe that reusing existing software systems within your organization is the fastest route to sustainable innovation and CSRD reporting. RoundThink’s software is of course built to be sustainable.

Change management within your organization

The new CEO thinks circular. Circular thinking is making your company future-proof. A future in which the interests of people and the environment go hand in hand. RoundThink supports this innovative way of thinking by training your staff. This ensures that these changes become a success. The new ‘round’ way of doing business offers lots of opportunities in exciting new markets. Let your organization be the frontrunner it needs to be.

CSRD with E-learning

In line with our vision to implement circularity within business processes as quickly as possible, we offer an E-learning platform. In this way, everyone involved becomes aware of everything that is needed for CSRD in the most efficient and easy way.

E-learning platform

Why choose RoundThink?

RoundThink is the only party in the Netherlands with experience in preparing complete CSRD reports. Our guarantee is that we are able to quickly take major steps in the field of sustainable transition.

A circular advisor from RoundThink is a C-level advisor with several years of experience in the field of sustainability, business and innovation. Our circular strategists work close to the fire: there where the regulations are made in Europe. Because of their holistic vision, our strategists are able to create a sustainable business strategy for your organization.

RoundThink offers the complete package. In addition to skilled financial and circular strategists and advisors, we are also specialists in the field of change management and software development.

Sustainability means being ready for the new circular economy.

All benefits for your organization at a glance:

+ Compliant with the CSRD

+ Understanding of the national implementation of the CSRD

+ Knowledge of risks & changing policies

+ A comprehensive circular strategy

+ Innovation & new business resilient

+ Efficiently solve capacity shortages

+ Efficiency through appropriate IT solutions

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+ The best financial and circular advisors

+ Software that matches your services

+ Everyone up to speed with our E-learning platform


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RoundThink services

Working with the best circular strategists

RoundThink employs the best circular strategists and advisors in the field of change management. We ensure a sustainable transformation within your organization.

Digital learning

Enrich your knowledge about circularity and the CSRD through our (digital) learning platform. You get access to our digital learning platform where you can participate completely remotely, when it suits you, in our online webinars, training and the CSRD-masterclass.

E-learning platform

Sharing & collecting knowledge

Customers have access to the RoundThink communities and workgroups. We believe that sharing knowledge leads to better results.


Collecting the information you need for your CSRD report from your organization with one click? It’s possible with our handy software. Our software developers are happy to help you implement these functionalities on your existing software systems. With our inclusive CSRD software, reducing the harmful impact (e.g. carbon footprint) of your organization is clear and measurable.

Our products

CSRD in one day – E-learning

The CSRD in one day E-learning is a course in which you learn all the ins and outs of the CSRD at your own pace. The course is suitable for professionals & executives with a background in finance, risk management, reporting, legal affairs and sustainability. With this course you will gain the necessary basic knowledge about the CSRD and the EU-directive on sustainability reporting. The course includes client cases, CSRD-templates, assignments with solutions, and a Q&A session with one of  your RoundThink CSRD-experts.

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€1.730,00 ex VAT (PP)

Implement circular strategy – E-learning

In this course, professionals are introduced to circular thinking. This innovative way of thinking offers many business and future-proof opportunities and also provides insight into how you can measure circular impact. In the course you will learn how to report and manage a circular strategy and how you can contribute to your organization, stakeholders and society. Finally, during this course, participants work directly on their own impact project.

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€1.900,00 ex VAT

CSRD in one day – on location

CSRD in one day is a course where professionals & administrators with a background in finances, procurement, risk management, reporting, legal affairs and sustainability gain the necessary basic knowledge of the how, what, when and why of the CSRD – just in one day.

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€ 11.250,- ex VAT

Custom-made software

RoundThink’s flexible software makes it easy for your company to assess and measure where reduction of harmful impact is possible.

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CSRD in a nutshell

The CSRD is the result of the European ‘Grean Deal’ and the associated action plan ‘Financing Sustainable Growth’. This plan must be implemented in the EU so that steps are taken towards a modern, sustainable economy that provides stability, jobs, growth and future-proof investments for both people and nature.

Who will be dealing with the CSRD?

The CSRD directive will affect everyone in the short term.

Circular economy

The CSRD relates to the circular economy and sustainability. The themes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are part of this.

Circular report

The CSRD is related to the traditional annual financial report. In our opinion, the bridge between this financial report and the CSRD reporting should be your organization’s circular strategy.


The EU directive obliges organizations to collect, process and publish large amounts of information; in order to be able to do this properly, new software systems, processes and a governance structure will have to be set up within the organization.

Role of the accountant

According to the CSRD, an external auditor must provide assurance on the reporting. First with a limited degree, later with a reasonable degree of certainty.

Implementation of CSRD

It is important to thoroughly implement the findings from the CSRD regulations within the organization and to arrive at a supported circular strategy.

Comply with the ESRSs – The CSRD standards

In order to comply with the CSRD, the European Union developed the so-called European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). The first set of these standards is now made available and consists of twelve draft standards. At the end of November 2022, EFRAG submitted this first set to the European Commission. The first 2 ESRSs are general in nature and contain some basic principles: they prescribe what must be reported on strategy, governance and decisions related to materiality. The other 10 standards relate to different ESG aspects. The 12 standards contain 82 reporting obligations (‘disclosure requirements’) and an application manual (‘application guidance’). Those 12 standards describe exactly how the obligations should be applied.

These guidelines drawn up by the European Union have the same status as the other CSRD obligations, and in practice they are a considerable expansion of them. In the future, sector-specific standards and standards tailored to SMEs will also come into force, but these standards are still being developed.

A circular and conclusive way of thinking and reporting

Once the CSRD is in force, the guidelines will no longer allow companies to report their plans and performance in the field of sustainability at their own discretion and preference. For Companies, the standards create the obligation to develop and report on their strategy in a circular and sustainable manner. All end-users and stakeholders of these reports must be able to form a clear picture of how the company implements sustainability, now and in the future. It is important to note that, unlike in its financial reporting, the company must transparently and measurably report on what its objectives are with regard to sustainability.

What is Double Materiality?

Performing a “double materiality assessment” is mandatory for reporting companies under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (the CSRD). These companies have to look at the sustainability issue in two ways.


On the one hand, they must look internally at how they influence people and environment (the inside-out vision). Think of damage to nature and the environment or violations of human rights.


On the other hand, sustainability-related developments and events create (new) risks and opportunities for organizations (the outside-in vision). Examples include reputational risks when purchasing products that involve child labor, the introduction of new CO2 taxed, corruption or opportunities for the development of new circular and sustainable products.

Reporting on 4 standards

The CSRD report will contain 6 disclosure requirements divided into 4 categories. The circular strategists help you determine which standards apply to your organization.


The method for the internal pricing of everything related to biodiversity and ecosystems.


The plan that leads to no net loss of biodiversity (nature and the environment) from 2030, and a net profit after 2050. From degenerative to regenerative.

Impact, risk and opportunity management.

The processes by which material risks to biodiversity and ecosystems are identified and the policies that have been implemented to manage biodiversity and ecosystems.

Objectives and performance measures

The financing of projects to limit risks and damage to biodiversity and ecosystems outside its own value chain (optional).

The CSRD data aligned in new software systems

The required amount of date will increase and it must be qualitative and quantitative in nature. It is important to look forward and backward, describing the short, medium and long term in view of the entire value chain.

According to the CSRD, companies will have to collect and publish a great deal of new and very specific information. As a result, many organizations need to reform their current administrative and internal controls. While it may still be possible to work with a spreadsheet for current sustainability reports, this will soon be insufficient. RoundThink’s adaptable software makes this transition easier. The flexible software is designed to render visible and measurable where impact reduction is possible.

We expect the value chain to be the stumbling block to CSRD compliance for many companies. Some data and technology issues that will play a role in the implementation of CSRD are data collection and procurement, methodology, processes and analysis, credibility and transparency and IT systems and infrastructure and governance. New activities and tasks will often have to be created internally in order to meet these obligations.

Please note: the external auditor will now assess your ESG reporting

A clear and transparent way of reporting on sustainability will increasingly become important. As with financial information, assurance will have to be provided by an external auditor in order to qualitatively check the quality of the information on sustainability. In the first instance, this concerns ‘limited assurance’ only, from 2030 on this will concern ‘reasonable assurance’, and after that it is expected that enforcement will take place.

Change management

It is important to not only focus on the delivery of the CSRD report, but also on the parallel processes for the implementation of the necessary changes. In this way, progress can be made as quickly and efficiently as possible within the business operations and in future reports.

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